Let us care for your site, so you can focus on what’s important to you.

The Benefits To You

Your life is complicated. Let us help make it simpler.


Running a business, building a brand, managing customers, making sales, not to mention finding time for family and a social life, can sometimes be overwhelming.

With our technical understanding, we are experts at caring for and protecting WordPress sites, which gives you peace of mind knowing everything is safely in hand. Best of all, it doesn’t matter who your hosting company is, because it’s your site we look after! 

Now you have one less thing to worry about, what will you do with that free time?


Your website is your public face on the internet – wouldn’t you love the opportunity to hand over the technical duties of performing WordPress, theme and plugin updates, running backups in case your server crashed, checking for viruses and malware, monitor site performance plus the myriad of other things required to keep your site fit and healthy?

By using our service, you can sleep easy at night knowing that a team of professionals are watching over your site, ready to take action if anything untoward happens.


Most people using WordPress are focused on creating content, making sales or building their brand. Very few have the time, skills or inclination to learn and understand the technical details necessary to keep your site running smoothly and quickly. 

Being able to hand over the responsibility for the daily and weekly chore of caring for your site is, for most people, a life (not to mention sanity) saver. Stay alive! Stay sane! Let us care for your site. We’re responsive, affordable and our customer service is second to none. What’s not to like?

What our customers say

“I can sleep like a baby knowing my website is in such good hands. And whenever I have a question, the support people are quick and spot-on.”

BJ Markel | CEO, www.savethecat.com

“I love WordPress for it’s freedom and flexibility, but it can take effort to manage updates, security and keep everything running smoothly. I am so grateful to Steve and the WPYellowFish team for their very responsive and knowledgeable support, which they go above and beyond to provide. Their site audit was invaluable and they helped me fix errors that I hadn’t even been aware of. They save me hours of maintenance time and headache each month for a very reasonable cost, which is worth gold to me.”

Marianne Manthey | Founder, www.designyourownblog.com

“Running a non-profit agency, it’s been so liberating not having to worry about my website. Now I can concentrate on what I really need to.”

Tanya Tull | Founder/CEO, www.partnering-for-change.org