Wordpress, Theme and Plugin Updates

If you are running a business, you probably have your hands full. And on top of that, family commitments, friends and social time, not to mention trying to find some downtime…..

With our fully managed WordPress theme, plugin and update services, you can leave the tedious and time consuming task of keeping your site up to date to us, and focus instead on what’s important to you.

Website and Database Backups

If your hosting company went out of business tomorrow, or your server crashed (or you didn’t take out our Security Monitoring service!), what would happen to all the content, images and video on your site?

By subscribing to our plans, we’d have a recent copy of all the content on your website and database, and we’d be able to get you up and running again in no time!

Hack-proofing Your Site

What would be the impact to you and your business if your website was hacked, defaced, your customer details stolen or worse, if your site was offline completely?

Loss of income or client data may have catastrophic consequences for your organization. So we take a proactive approach to making sure that doesn’t happen, by locking down all the vulnerabilities and backdoors that hackers use.

This is all done behind the scenes, seamlessly and only you and we know that your site is now bulletproof!


With our Security Scanning and Malware Removal Service, you can rest easy knowing that our highly skilled team is constantly monitoring your site for weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and taking measures to prevent your site from being compromised. 

And if something malicious was to sneak past us, we’ll do the cleanup and get everything running perfectly again for a low $99 fee (per malware removal request). 

Weekly Client Reports

Having someone looking after all the technical aspect of your site is all well and good – but wouldn’t you want to know what was going on? Of course!

So, each week we’ll send you a report, summarizing all the activity that’s related to your site: update details, security scanning results, performance metrics, site audit findings, uptime reports and more.

Click HERE to see a sample report.

Uptime Monitoring & Alerts

You probably spent a lot of time and effort to create your website, to get your message (or business) out in front of the world. But what happens if your site isn’t online? How much business would you have lost? Would you even know??

Let us monitor it for you 24/7, and if it goes down we’ll send you a notification immediately, so you can take action and get back online!

Database Cleanup and Optimization

Over time, the database that stores all the information about your website (posts, images etc), soon gets clogged up with old, out of date data.

We will set up a schedule and do some data housekeeping for you, freeing up valuable space and increasing speed and efficiency. We will also clean up your comments history, removing all the spam and unapproved comments that have built up over time.

Not only does having your website database optimized help your site run quicker, its also means your backups are quicker and smaller. Hands up who wants to be lean and mean!

Monitoring of Brand Reputation and Search Engine Blacklisting

Maintaining your website integrity and reputation is a huge undertaking, assuming you even know where to look. Blacklisting authorities will quickly flag your website if they have evidence that it could be hacked. When a website is blacklisted, it loses ALL of the traffic coming from search engine results, causing serious risks to your business and its brand.

We will continuously monitor blacklist authorities databases, Google blacklists and many other sources, and take action to remove your site should it get compromised and flagged. This way, your reputation is protected even before it has a chance to be ruined. 

SEO Reports and Competitor Analysis

Do you know how your site ranks in search engine results? Do you know how your competitors stack up compared to you? Want to know how to outrank them and what to do to get on page 1?

Each week we’ll perform a comprehensive review, where we’ll take the keywords you want to rank for in search engine results, and compare your site performance with your competitors. We’ll track moves and changes over time, identify how you are trending compared to the competition, and send you a report setting everything out for you.

Knowledge is power, so get informed today!

Free Content Delivery Network Integration

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a global system of servers that saves images and videos from your website and delivers  them to your visitors. The 2 main advantages of using a CDN is that their servers are closer to your website visitors, so your website will load much quicker, and it saves you paying for unnecessary storage space and bandwidth with your hosting company.

We will set your site up so that all images and videos are copied to our CDN, so that you too can benefit from cost savings and a much faster website! For free!

Site Audits and Performance Improvements

Would you wait 10, 20 or 30 seconds for a webpage to load? Neither would we… and frankly no website should be so slow.

With Google search results now including page load time in their ranking criteria, and highlighting sites that don’t run over a secure connection, you don’t want your site to be impacted.

We scan sites regularly, analyse potential weaknesses, identify factors affecting page load times, apply database optimizations and look at issues that would cause sites from being flagged as “Not Secure” by Google. 

Once the audit and and fixes have been made, we’ll send you a report each week so you can see how your site is performing.

Who doesn’t want some Google love?